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Benefits of Hair Drug Tests in Schools

When students or athletes are disciplined for substance abuse, schools and sports teams sometimes require the student or athlete to be monitored for recurrent drug use. Testing methods are set up on varying schedules and use different methods, but too often these tests rely on urine testing, which only identifies short-term use. Schools and teams that employ hair drug tests receive more long-term results.

Why Use a Hair Drug Test for Students & Athletes?

There are many reasons to implement hair drug tests for student or athletics drug testing programs.

1. Hair Drug Test Cover Longer Time Periods
Because they reveal long-term substance abuse, hair drug tests provide a larger window into the athlete or student’s drug use.

All drugs that enter the body flow through the bloodstream and eventually to hair shafts, where they remain for extended periods. As a result, a hair test can reliably determine if drugs were used within the past 90 days, giving a long-term picture of drug use. By extending the detection window with the hair drug test, schools are better able to conduct follow-up testing and gauge adherence to the school’s drug policies.

2. A Hair Drug Test is Hard to Tamper With
ARCpoint specialists are trained to spot attempts to cheat drug tests. Still, products exist that are designed to adulterate samples or otherwise help test-takers cheat. Because fewer of these products exist for hair drug tests, tampering is less likely and testing commences quicker and more accurately. Students who use chemicals in an attempt to strip hair contaminants will be unsuccessful.

3. The Hair Drug Test Set-Up and Clean-Up are Easy
Urine drug tests pose difficulties that make them harder to arrange and administer. Hair drug tests, on the other hand, are more straightforward. Samples can be collected quickly and set-up and clean-up are minimal, so school administrators and athletic groups find it easier to conduct hair drug tests. On-site specimen collection is sometimes available with hair drug tests!

Would your school benefit from implementing a drug testing program?

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