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Court-Admissible DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing for Attorneys

When lab test results are to be used in legal proceedings, it’s essential that collections and testing are conducted following applicable regulations.

At ARCpoint Labs of Irving, we understand this and follow exacting testing procedures and protocols to ensure that all legal results are court-admissible. We’re equipped to provide a range of drug, alcohol, and DNA tests to fit your needs.

Family Law

Practitioners of family law handle a variety of cases ranging from divorce proceedings involving child support disputes and child custody hearings to estate and inheritance matters.  Court-admissible drug, alcohol, or DNA testing may be necessary to verify biological relationships such as paternity, maternity, siblingship, or grandparentage; to substantiate claims of infidelity in divorce or alimony cases; or to determine if a parent or guardian is fit to take on sole custody of a child.

At ARCpoint Labs of Irving, we make it easy for attorneys specializing in family law to order the right DNA, alcohol, or drug tests for their needs. Work with us to determine the right testing options, collections to fit your both your clients and your trial schedule, and more.

Immigration DNA Testing

In the absence of the correct paper documentation that corroborates biological relationships between an immigrant and their U.S.-based sponsor, immigration DNA testing may be utilized. If you are an immigration lawyer, consider making ARCpoint Labs of Irving as your source for this specialized test. Our location ensures convenient, accurate testing, and we have the ability to coordinate international collections as well.

Corporate (Policy) Law

As a corporate attorney you may be tasked with crafting workplace policies on drug and alcohol testing. There are many factors that must be considered when developing a legal, effective testing program, including applicable state and federal laws, current trends in drug use, developments in drug and alcohol testing technologies, and industry regulations or best practices. ARCpoint Labs of Irving can help corporate lawyers develop comprehensive testing policies that fit the unique needs and circumstances of their workplace, spanning pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing.

Criminal & DUI Defense

Did you know that if field sobriety tests are not properly administered, the accuracy of results can be diminished? If you have a client charged with DUI, your defense plan must include alcohol testing to verify or refute the presence of alcohol in your client’s system. ARCpoint Labs of Irving is equipped to provide court-admissible alcohol testing, including mobile testing. Since time is of the essence in these cases, we work with DUI defense lawyers to get clients tested quickly and conveniently.

Providing Collections Expertise in Litigation

ARCpoint Labs of Irving can also serve as Custodian of Record when it comes to DNA, drug, and alcohol testing collections. This means our collections specialists can testify about the collections process to verify that chain of custody procedures were followed and confirm that the results presented to the court belong to the donor in question.

For court-admissible DNA, drug & alcohol testing, attorneys trust ARCpoint Labs of Irving.

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