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Under The Microscope in Irving

Sober Workplace

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Sober

If you or your employees are staying sober for St. Patricks Day, it may be a challenge. Like many holidays, St. Patricks Day is used as an excuse to drink. However, there’s no law that says you ...

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Your Health Choice

The Benefits of Diet & Exercise DNA Testing

Wondering why your diet isn’t working for you and you’re not seeing any results from your exercise plan? Would you be willing to find out what is the best dietary recommendations for your body...

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About STDs

5 Reasons You Should be Tested for STDs

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when they should consider STD testing and realistically most people should be tested for STDs on a regular basis. The reason is simply because anyone who ...

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Celebrity Down and Out

Ben Affleck Recently Completes Drug Rehab

Ben Affleck recently completed a stay in a rehab facility, checking in shortly after the Oscars this past February.  Affleck says he made the choice to get help because he had renewed problems with ...

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ARCpoint Labs in the News

Studio Interview with Rick Van Laan, ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo

Rick Van Laan, franchisee owner of ARCpoint Labs of Kalamazoo, was on-hand as students are hitting the road for spring break trips to offer tips on how to talk about the dangers of drugs and alcohol o...

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Workplace Wellness

5 Ways to Promote Nutrition in the Workplace

A healthier workplace depends upon many factors like exercise and better eating habits. Management can encourage better nutrition by taking a common-sense approach in the workplace. Healthy eating is ...

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