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Under The Microscope in Irving

Sober Workplace

Should Your Workplace Have a Drinking Culture?

It seems almost taboo now but not long ago drinking in the office or during work hours was the norm. With drug and alcohol testing so popular, many people shy away from the idea of drinking around co-...

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Your Health Choice

5 Tips for Quick and Lasting Sunburn Relief

So you forgot to reapply (or apply at all) your sunscreen, you get up from the lounge chair, and you’re red as a freshly boiled lobster. Follow the steps below for quick and lasting sunburn reli...

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About STDs

STDs & Men

There is a lot of focus placed on the impact STDs have on women and how it affects their fertility and well-being. Less focus is put on men but with the number of STD infected males rising constantly...

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ARCpoint Labs in the News

Temperatures Rising-and so is Teen Drug Use

With drug and narcotic violations among teens at an all-time high in Colorado, school being out for the summer poses the potential danger for this trend to continue and even increase. David Robinson,...

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Workplace Wellness

Can you Still Work With a Hepatitis Diagnosis?

What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a hepatitis virus. The three most common types in the U.S. are Hepatitis A, B, and C. Hep A This is the most common type of Hepat...

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